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At the beginning there were stories.

Still, to be closer to the truth I should perhaps write that at the beginning there were THE STORIES as each of them is an exceptional examples of heroism, going through the darkness, looking for sense in the moments of chaos and doubts, finding inner strength and embracing pain.

We decided to use them as an inspiration to create unique on-line game.

This game is designed to be used in different ways. 

On one hand it may serve as tool of intervention to be used by an individual on their own which means that a young person (or anyone else) who is facing a particular dilemma in his/her life can play with it, get inspired and make use of some coaching tasks with the intention that they will help them to get unstuck.

On the other hand it is also a tool for dialogue that you as a youth worker or a coach may use as an inspiration for a conversation with a young person about his/her situation.

You can use the coaching tasks which are included in our game to work with him or her, or you can up with your own ones, getting inspired by the tasks in the game. 

Finally – you can also use our game as an inspiration for working with a group.


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