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When we started working on this project, apart from the research that we will do across different countries to see what is the situation in regard to young people with fewer opportunities, we said that we want to develop different methods that will potentially inspire other young people to plant that seed, to make that first them that can transform person’s life.

So we asked ourselves – what is one of the best ways to motivate young people, to initiate that spark that changes lives, to discover that talent that makes them passionate and dedicated so they completely devote their lives to it?

Our answer was simple: “Success stories”. To look across Europe for young people with fewer opportunities that have made it happen. That gathered the courage to open their company and now they are living the dream with all pro´s and con´s that it brings.

But then we asked ourselves, what kind of stories are we looking for? What kind of youngsters, which type of companies or how do we define their success? This information will be shared later on with the results of our research.

Visit our webinar on the 30th of January 2018 to find out more information, hear our findings, observations and conclusions.

Greek Geeks is a company that was founded by Haris Aslanidis, a young person that was born and lives in Athens Greece.

On the first thought, reading about his company and talking to his friends, Haris seems like a regular young man – loves football and basketball, likes to go to parties and party hard, travels all over the world, loves his job, his colleagues, his work, and talents. Only when we met Haris we realized that…

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Forest Kindergarden is a relatively new concept of organization for raising children in Gdynia in Poland.

A social enterprise that was created by Ewa and another friend is addressing the needs of the parents and children local community – to have outdoors education based on the needs and wants of the little one. In the whole journey Ewa went over things that she never expected will happen…

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If you want to find out more about the map or the stories, visit our webinar on 30th of January