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Walking on our path, following the breadcrumbs of the many opinions of youth workers who work with youngsters with fewer opportunities and the youngsters themselves, we have come to many different conclusions. Some are nothing new to institutions and research centers that belong to governmental organizations or large institutes, but some are quite unique findings that came from the research, depending on the reality or the scope of the different countries.

Thus, on our Spark catcher page we would like to share with you 3 areas of your research findings:

Entrepreneurial path, entrepreneurial success stories, and entrepreneurial study results 


ENTREPRENEURIAL PATH mapping the whole process

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the research analysis based on surveys and in-depth interviews in several counties

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We did our part of the research from two ends:

  1. Starting from the perspective of a young person without any idea and looking forward– how does a young person get the idea to start a company or organization? Is there someone that helps him to start thinking about it? What kind of challenges are there and who helps the young people with fewer opportunities in these cases? Are those mechanisms actually working? And many other questions that follow the steps until creating an actual small enterprise, organization or a group.
  2. Observing the success story of a person that already succeeded in making a company and looking backward – how did she/he get there, what kind of support they received? Was there any help from the state and so on, going all the way back to how the idea was formed.

In terms of research methods, we have to say that this research has limitations – it is based on qualitative and not on the quantitative sample. This is an area that hasn’t been deeply researched, or at least not from this perspective. Therefore, we have run into very partial data, often based on opinions of the expert youth workers who are working in the field. In our research, local partner organizations have helped us, local experts that are working in the field,

More information will be presented on the webinar on 30 Jan 2018, and uploaded on this page after the webinar