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Dear youth worker, educator, teacher, trainer,

The SPARK CATCHER is created for you and will develop with you. Probably you have met young people who – due to various social, economic, health, educational obstacles – have lost their purpose of life, became blocked in action or paralyzed in decisions. However, we believe that apparent challenge might be an enormous power!

To make this shift, we want to focus on the process and its indicators in which a young person might be facilitated to get successfully empowered. So that young people could wake up within themselves taking initiative into own hands to build up own dreams.

Our main aim is to develop with you an innovative curriculum consisting of two main parts:

SPARK – a set of pedagogical tools leading a learner through different learning paths to the final result, which is the strategic plan for own initiative;

CATCHER – result of the international research bringing powerful stories of young people and youth workers as well as links to resources and institutions supporting youth in their entrepreneurial initiatives.
This is why we invite you to co-create this SPARK CATCHER platform: to collect tools, exchange know how, to share best practices, and look for the new innovative solutions – via discussions and networking within this community of professionals and young people.



ARTE EGO Foundation is an NGO based in Łódź, Poland. We involve young people in self-development activities as well as social research and actions in international and local projects. We focus on empowerment through art, street work, cross-sectoral networks and self-directed community building. Recently we have implemented successfully two projects: “Pralna Tabu” (social research and action project focusing on taboo topics in Łódź) and “Design Yourself” which involved new young members, volunteers and made connections with youth entrepreneurs and creative organisations both in Łodź and in Germany.

NaturKultur is a youth association that is founded in North Germany and now exists in Bremen and Wiefelstede – Oldenburg. The main objectives of the organization are:

  • Youth activism (creating awareness among young people about their role in the society and the need for the youth to act in a positive way),
  • exchange of know-how, as well as personal and professional development of young people,
  • networking and capacity of NGOS,
  • peace building and conflict resolution: bringing together young people from different cultures and nationalities

The „Spark catcher – Education for entrepreneurial innovation” is a multinational strategic partnership project co-financed by Erasmus+ Youth programme. The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport.